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He Ain't No "Zero" - JANOS : Song Review

Updated: May 3, 2019

He ain't no "Zero", and neither are you! In a bluesy melody JANOS decides to give y'all a message.

At the beginning of the song he sings,

"I kick when I fall down, its all just reflex

I've ran out of heroes, I ran outta friends

On these streets I'm a zero, but I laugh in the end."

We all have those moments where we have our falls, but for some reason we are our biggest enemies by putting ourselves down. Unfortunately, we also have friends that are not the best for us, toxic, trying to always point out the negative when you're on a high "Cause I'm havin enough, of everybody bringing me down, Cause I don't wanna spend my life in a headlock." When we fall asking for our friends, our "heros", we have to remember the biggest hero we have, is OURSELVES! That is JANOS's message, he ends his song by saying,

"I'm on the run now, yeah I'm on my own

Im just that lost boy, tryin to build me a home

But I got new heroes, Yeah I got new friends

On these streets your the zero, and that's how it ends."

Another thing I wanted to point out is the melody of the guitar. In its own way it hits your heart string while Janos sings about being hurt, by both himself and his friends. Then the guitar goes into a solo that shows a change for the better is coming, which it did!


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