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Young Day Cares

One thing I love about music is how it brings us awareness to issues we wouldn't even look at.  Not only does it bring us awareness, it starts to create social change.  As much as I like music that makes me turn up, I love the music that makes me think, and if you're one of the readers, apparently you feel the same way.  Young Day is one artist that takes what he sees everyday in New York and brings issues that need resolving to the forefront.

     Back in December 2017, Young Day started a movement called "Nobody Cares Awareness Movement" and the reason it is called that is because as much as we say we care about the homeless, we as a society are not really creating change for this issue.  Not only is Young Day using his music to push this movement, he also brings up the issue with people he is involved with while modeling and acting in order to get more press.  You're probably asking why the homeless, well a bit ago Young Day lost almost everything.  He lost his job, and the rest of his money was lost in a scam.  So he took his piano to the streets of NY and busted his butt, not only to regain that money, but to create a name for himself.  On the way he got to know and understand the struggle of the homeless.

     The only thing that really helped get through these hard moments were music.  Knowing that it was going to make big things happen.  He knew that music flowed in his blood, from creating beats with pens on a desk to eventually starting to play drums in third grade.  Even though he knew he wanted to continue down this path he did have to hear the support of his friends.  As I always say, support is a huge deal and you need to surround yourself with people that you respect and respect you as well as support.  Then in Junior High School he performed at his first show, and not only did he love the adrenaline of playing to the audience, he also liked not being screamed at for playing the drums haha.  In Junior High School he wanted to learn how to create his own melodies and picked up playing piano.

    This helped him a lot, because being surrounded by so many influences and talents, he struggles to not get lost in their sounds.  So instead of getting lost in their sounds he gets lost in playing his piano, and is able to find his authentic sound and stick to it.  With so much competition authenticity is key to making a name to yourself.  As much as needing to change to what the trend is, there is a way to do it and still stay true to yourself.  When it comes to creating lyrics, as cliche as it is to say, singing to eye catching ladies helps him when it comes to his RnB and reggae songs.  As for the lyrics to other songs, it comes from his mood, what he sees, and if it can make him dance, that helps too.  This will help him get his music into commercials, movies, the club, anywhere the music suits to.

     Good energy is a really important part that Young Day wants you to understand.  If you put out that good energy, it will come back in unexpected pleasant ways.  Also you need to understand to keep only the good around you, because if you don't, it can really mess with your mind.  You need to keep that mind healthy and yes, care about yourself first enough that you will be able to care about others fully and not harm yourself doing it.  Be unique, be strong, be quirky, and keep on playing that music.  

Nobody Care's Video Out Drop

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