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X. ARI - Channeling the Raw, Emotive, Empowering, and Fun Energy

Channeling raw, emotive, empowering energy to create powerful and fun music that advocates for mental health. That is X. ARI's focal point, and in a world suffering from depression and pressure we need more artists like her.

Why is mental health so important to her? Well X. ARI has history with mental illness. "I have been diagnosed with a few Dis-Orders. One of which is bipolar and I've gone through psychosis a couple times. It was extremely hard to bounce back from that. I'd say that the right medication, a great psychiatrist, my family, friends, music, and advocating for mental health awareness through my project is what helped me bounce back.... both times!"

With her song Break-Point, she talks about her struggle with a relationship explaining "I didn't want to count to you, but it came to that, should have known better, because I'm at my break-point." Which she's trying to let you know to listen to your gut when it comes to people not treating you the way you should be treated, and leave before it hurts you anymore. The only one who knows the best for you is yourself, so listen to your mind, body, and heart. Recently released La La La talks about how people will always talk about what you do in life, the choices you make. Even if it seems "wrong" to them, but it is right for you, you should do it and "don't give a F*ck" about what others say. Both songs are very catchy, and the lyrics are easy to remember so when you go to her shows you will know exactly what to sing, along with her and of course dance too!

X. ARI's note to other artists is " Be YOURSELF! No one else can be you and that is your power and strength. Don't be threatened by other artist's success, be inspired and see that you have the potential to attain the same kind of success too. Dare to be different and try new things. Step out of your comfort zone. Find a mentor and listen to their advice, but always stick to your gut, it knows best." To her adoring fans/audience " Take time for YOU and for self care. In this crazy busy world we sometimes forget we are the most important. Make space for meditation, yoga, dance, friends, concerts, whatever it is that makes you happy, do it more often without any guilt!"

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