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Letting Go of Dependencies "The World Shrinker": J.B. Boone

Sticking it back to "The World Shrinker", you might be asking what is that exactly. Well J.B. Boone explains that a "World Shrinker" is our dependencies. If it is a dependency towards a person, or a person towards us, or even something that is more harmful to us. His song is here to try to help us move away from that and be free, happy, and healthy! Following that Don Mclean and Bruce Springsteen style of rock, J.B. Boone uses heavy guitar layers and drums to keep you bopping your head, picking up energy, to gain your strength to kick those bad habits to the curb! At the end of the song he in a way speaks to those bad habits by singing "And I hope you hate this song". You'll be surprised how catchy this song is, and it definitely brings you that nostalgic summer camp feeling. So if you have to kick away some negativity, turn up the volume!

Please read the caption for the picture below!

All proceeds from the Austin and Houston shows will go directly to the fund supporting the victims from the El Paso shooting. At the FREE El Paso show there will be a donation stand to go towards the same cause.

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