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This Song Gives You the "Woolies" : J.L.G. Song Review

When you first turn on "Woolies", you think you are turning on a purely instrumental song. By instrumental I mean synths and the drum pads and other electronic sounds, no lyrics to pay attention to. Something you throw on to get into a relaxing, chill, trance state. To let your worries go, and to turn off your thoughts. Knowing J.L.G. though, I knew there had to be more to this story, because songs are most of the time always stories. Which made me ask this question, "why can't we hear what is being said?" I don't know if it's fear of having a bad voice, or not liking the message, but I hope for his next song he won't be afraid to bring out the lyrics. If he doesn't like the message, I think the melody he puts together is very soothing but can be picked up a notch to turn it into a chill/trance hit.

This song has the potential, I can envision it. Maybe playing with the speed, pitch, and taking away the lyrics this could be something very prominent. If J.L.G has the chance he should collaborate with another producer or even with an artist and as I like to call it cut and paste prominent verses or upbeat melodies. I could see you really enjoying this song if you like bands such as Tame Impala, Coldplay, and an indie band called Kiev.

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