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Will They Take What I Believe, with Years & Years

Okay, okay, you're probably saying "Eden, this is an established band, why are you writing about them?"  Well to be honest, I think most of you don't really know about them.  To be honest, I don't either.  Not to the point where I got to know the other artists I featured.  Hopefully, I will get to know them to the same extent... UMG please give me an exclusive ;) . 

     This past Thursday, June 28th I got to finally go see them live at the Belasco Theater.  All I could say it was so much better than what I thought it could be.  There were some sound engineering problems with the microphone, which should of been fixed, and you could tell the singer, Olly Alexander, was a little frustrated, but he handled it so well.  Not only does he have amazing vocals, he definitely knew how to take control of the stage and the crowd without having to say anything.

     I want to give a shout out to the crowd as well.  I didn't know how many Years & Years fans there were.  I thought I was one of the rare few, but all of you who came out were so loyal.  Singing to every song and dancing with the beat, everyone was awesome...except for that one plastered girl who spilled beer all over me.  If you're reading this, shame on you.

    Okay, back to the band.  The other members of the band are Emre Turkmen and Mikey Goldsworthy.  Without them, I don't think this band would have become such a success. Mikey was killing it by grooving, playing, and dancing with the different instruments and his face make up.  Emre, was just enjoying creating what he needed to create, and making me feel better by saying hi after that girl spilled beer all over me. You could tell though, that Emre is feeling more comfortable with the band especially with his new fashionable style of clothing.

    When they created the set list they did a great job, mixing their old album with the new album's songs.  Even unreleased ones!  They did have one song, that I wasn't too fond of, "Rendezvous".  I don't know if they just needed an extra song for the concert/album, or they were just out of ideas, but it was just not put together well and it showed in the performance. Outside of that, I can't wait to see what else they come up with, and I wish their songs were out there more! In TV shows, or Movies, or in the club, because their songs are just pure sexiness and boy do they know it.  So check them out, make them come to America more, and share so I can get an exclusive.  Happy Music Monday everyone and have a great week!

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