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Let the Wind Turn You Into a "Wildfeather" by J.B. Boone: A Euphonixx Song Review

See this picture? She looks like she is just letting the wind take her, turning her into a "wildfeather." J.B. Boone was able to achieve this by taking her out of her own mind, she was stressing, trying to fit in what everyone expects. Actually this is just a GIF, but listening to this song makes you want to feel what she is feeling. Feeling free, feeling the feeling of going with the flow, the feeling of reaching your dreams, and feeling like a "wildfeather." That is the thoughts that J.B. Boone wants you to feel as well, but he doesn't really have to say it because the melody and lyrics make you feel it!

His voice is just so calm and beautiful, and the vocal ranges he can hit are unbelievable. Changing the ranges in order to keep you enticed and interested throughout the whole songs. Using acoustic instruments such as acoustic guitar and banjo to fit into the folk music genre, yet through the melodies it can be a radio hit. I've listened to this song about 10 times in a row and it doesn't get boring, just calming but not in the snooze way but in the staring at the clouds and relaxing way. What do you feel when you listen to this song? Comment below!

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