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Classic Rock Song "White Silence" Made Him Who He Is

Opening up the song with cymbals clashing and a nice melodic piano Lord Ruby brings you "White Silence". With this song you can hear influences from many different classic rock musicians. Influencers include Elton John, The Beatles, and Queen. Lord Ruby didn't only make a song they made a ballad a story of what a person is going through. I'm not sure entirely what "White Silence" means, I even looked in up on the dictionary and let's say it is not the most pleasant thing to look up right now. Trying to grasp the meaning behind the song it seems to me that "White Silence" is that moment that you have all to yourself. Facing yourself and all the choices you've made. To see where it has gotten you and where it will lead you. At least that's the only way I could see it fit into the lyrics "White Silence" made me who I am. It has to be that internal struggle and always choosing light over darkness. Let me know what you think!? Other than that this song was definitely a pleasure to listen to rhythmically and lyrically.

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