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Keep Going Even "When You Try" : Rachel Mintz Song Review

I hope during these days you are trying everything you can to stay healthy and happy as well as helping others. "When You Try" there are moments that failure will come along and that is what Rachel Mintz is highlighting.

It was unfortunate to hear that there wasn't any point of turn around during the song. Yes there are moments where you keep on trying and keep on failing, but then that's the point where you should stop for a moment and reflect. Those are the moments that you should look back and pat yourself on the back for every small accomplishments. When you do that you become grateful and it will give you the strength to look at the situation and hopefully tackle it again, and if that doesn't work then find a different way to accomplish the situation. I really hope that the point of this song was to make you rethink and say to yourself, "you know what, I think I can do this. I know I will fail, but I will keep going until I succeed." If you don't hear that then read this article again for encouragement.

This song and also this album has a very somber tone to it, which is fine because artists such as Billie Eillish, Evanescence, and Adele have made albums like this. I do have some tips for Rachel if she would like, her voice is very bluesy and she should use that but add different ranges throughout her songs. She should study Amy Winehouse to learn and I would even say imitate her sound because I think she could successfully accomplish that challenge. I also think she should work with some rock artists to really bring out that bluesy sound and I believe with them working together something amazing will arise.

To follow or work with Rachel:

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