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"What Can I Say" : Alexander V and OMZ Song Review

Being it good or bad? When the comfort helps you move forward in life and it progresses you to be better it is good. When it holds you back or you're using it as an excuse to move forward, it is a problem. OMZ, a Premier Topline Vocalist that has been a voice for many electronic dance music songs, wrote "What Can I Say" about a relationship between friends who used to be something more, but it's too complicated to be dating again. Talking about the comfort that you want to go towards, but the hurt that was created is too strong and there is nothing more to say about that. OMZ worked on this song with Alexander V who beautifully fit the melody to the lyrics of this song.

Alexander V starts with a simple organic piano melody to start of the song with OMZ, and during the pickup he has the drum beats start, but not too heavily to save the build up for the chorus. When the the chorus hits the drums are brought to the front to create a more dance worthy beat to move your feet, while at the same time he layers the organic piano melody with a keyboard that gives it that dreamy vibe that lets your worries just float away. As they say with music depending on what mood you are listening to this it can give you two different feelings which I believe is key to creating an EDM song.

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