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What and What Not to do at YOUR Concert

I am fed up with concerts that make me leave before the headliner, but it forced me to make a video and an article that can help you! So I gave my thoughts on that as well as other tips and tricks that can help make YOUR show go from good to freaking amazing where the concert euphoria lasts until your next concert.

     The reason people leave before the headliner is because their openers are not as great as the headliner. The reason why is because if the openers are not great we know that they aren't really helping your image. We understand that you might be friends with these other artists, but when you are putting on your OWN show you need the best of the options you have, you don't want us to regret missing another opportunity that we could have gone to. Saying that, do not be afraid of these other great artists, not only will they get the audience pumped up, but they will get them pumped up for YOU, because they are thankful that you are giving them exposure to new potential fans. Also, if you believe in your work, you have nothing to worry about because your fans will believe in you and your message!

     Talking about support, bring with you a sound engineer that cares about you and your work.  Most of the time the "sound engineers" at the venues don't care about the artist. All they really do is turn on the system and that is pretty much their job. This is not at every venue, but you can expect most of them are like this, especially being a new artist.  Also make sure you have enough time for sound check, so many things can go wrong, such as a speaker can be blown out, a microphone won't work, or the chord can't reach that far. Prep by bringing your own equipment, or if you don't have that make sure you give yourself enough time to work out the kinks or find alternative solutions.  DON'T be afraid to bug the venue for what you need. In most situations YOU ARE PAYING to play, or if you aren't the venue is still making revenue off of you. So you need to get what you paid for, especially if there is a contract involved, which there should be.

     Even after you do all this pre-concert sound check, things can still go wrong. I went to a Years & Years concert and they had a sound problem with the microphone, this band is signed with a major label that you wouldn't think problems like this would exist, but it did.  My advice would be to continue performing like nothing went wrong, because if you show it, your audience could feel that energy and it is not pleasant. So fake it until it is over!  Or if you have to find an alternative, belt it out, get the audience involved. As much as the audience loves your music, they are human and love to get involved.

     So those are my tips for now, and I am sure there will be more to come with the evolution of Euphonixx.  So stay tuned, and if you want to hear or learn about anything else please feel free to reach out!  FYI the background music is from previous Music Monday artist ALIICE, so check her out!  Have a great rest of the week everyone!

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