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Welcome to the Uni-G verse

What up, what up, what up! Finally there is a new artist back on the Euphonixx music blog. That artist is none other than Uni-G. An artist who doesn't limit himself to just a genre, but expresses that his music is more of an emotion. An artist that lets his imagination guide the music. Not looking to make a hit in mind he just lets the song flow along with what is produced. Not trying to follow any trend, but to make his own and with his own message. With that the music is supposed to touch the minds, hearts, and souls of the listeners by allowing it to come from those same places within himself.

     Influenced heavily by legends such as Tupac Shakur, Biggie, and a Tribe Called Quest. With each artist he was able to pick up what he liked from them and make it his own. Tupac gave him the ability to spread his messages diversely and keep the sensibility. Biggie showed him how to be a presence on stage and on the tracks. When it came to the most famous topic, LOVE, Big Daddy Kane provided the tools within his songs.  

     At a young age Uni-G performed a Jackson 5 play for his school, then in 1999 he was drawn into rap and competed in many rap battles. Realizing that he is able to make this art form a way of life! He started to really focus on constructing songs that were written out to be professionally recorded. Luckily he did this in enough time that he was able to perform in front of legends, Afrika Bambaataa and Soul Sonic Force, during a high school talent show.

     Not everything comes easily....Uni-G had to work hard in order to build that fanbase and following. The hardest thing to realize is that the music industry now-a-days don't really care if you have talent. They only care about the popularity you have and if they can profit off of that. FYI, I EDEN THE FOUNDER OF EUPHONIXX IS TRYING TO CHANGE THAT OUTLOOK!!!! IF, you believe in your music just like Uni-G you will bounce back and continue to come out with meaningful songs, and if you grind hard enough your talents won't be overlooked. Take it from him! He is not only opening a show for Lupe Fiasco, but he is holding his own LA concert this Saturday, August 4th 2018!

     Other artists, "Don't be discouraged by the doubt in your mind." Building something up from nothing is not a quick process. Investing in yourself, building positive relationships not only with other artists, but with friends and fans will help build your fanbase. "Break out of your shell, do NOT stand in the corner," put yourself out there. For you, the audience, Uni-G is FAR from finished! Stay tuned for what's to come and if you can give him some love and stay tuned! Happy #MusicMonday everyone and have an uplifting and musically filled week!






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