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Don't Waste Life Waiting Around for "Weddings & Funerals" : Royal & The Serpent Song Review

Life gets busy, and sometimes we forget about the people we love and those around us..... and

g-d forbid something happens to them. The song "Weddings & Funerals" by Royal & The Serpent is a good reminder to reach out to those you care about.

"Feeling like my soul's been gravity bound

And I got the city weighing me down

I don't wanna waste life waiting around

For weddings and funerals"

This song is absolutely beautiful, from the production to the lyrics, and boy the lyrics hit hard. Not only do they hit hard because this song is so personal to the lead singer, but because it is catchy enough that it etches into your heart. I had the pleasure of seeing Royal & The Serpent perform this live and DAMN it is so raw. You see, hear, and feel the pain that the loss of a friend brought and all you want to do after is reach out to those you care about. So I guess it is doing it's job, right? Also there is a organization in memory of her friend, click HERE to learn more about it.

Anyway, go follow Royal & The Serpent (links below) and if you like more upbeat songs check out her newest single "Salvador Dali"

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