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We Rock, We Groove, and We Have Fun Featuring Brett Miller

Brett Miller said "there is so much tragedy in our world, but an incredible amount of beauty and love" and you definitely see him portray the latter in his music.  His songs "Eye to Eye" and "Something Beautiful" does just that.  

      Too restless to settle, Brett Miller tries to experience and capture as much beauty in his life, all while having fun.  He uses those experiences and emotions from life to create both melodies and lyrics.  What is also pretty great is that he uses what he sees in his everyday life, and creates characters in order to develop new songs. Now you're probably wondering who taught him, well it was GRAMMY-nomitated songwriter Phil Galdston.

      His songwriting and singing didn't exactly start there though.  It started with belting and jamming out to Billy Joel and his greatest hits.  Luckily he was able to rummage through his parents music collection of greatest hits.  Just popping them into the record player, and singing with them out loud. When he wasn't listening to greatest hits he was looking up to his mom on stage, and then he knew he wanted to be there too.

     A couple of years later his dreams started becoming a reality.  At age 15 he started playing at a local coffee shop in South Florida and soon booking other venues where he gained a following of 50+ fans.  You can only imagine how that following grew over the years. With overwhelming positive feedback nothing could deter him from his dream.  That dream was not only to play on stage but to bring his music and sound of love to the world, and he is able to do that each and every day in person or through the great technology of social media.

     Though his music is pop, it is so much more.  Every song is not only catchy but it has it's own sound and its own imagery. When his band is on stage they rock, they groove, and they have fun and that is what they want their audience to experience every time they perform.    

If you want more subscribe to his YouTube:

Follow him on Instagram: @brettmillerlive

and last but definitely not least download his album Something Beautiful - EP on your favorite music streaming app.

Thank you and tune in next week!

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