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We're All a Little Fucked Up with Melody Federer

From effortlessly creating a song about audience members during a technical difficulty to moving the audience with her original music Melody Federer is an artist on the rise. I guess you could say this wasn't the first time songs came naturally to her.
     As a young girl Melody would create songs stringing words that family and friends would provide her.  Learning how to play was a little unorthodox for her since she learned to play by ear.  In a sense, that would help her more in creating music due to knowing what sounds work well together, as well as knowing sounds that will give a song a little more flare.  Even though this feels uncanny to her, she should have nothing to worry about. 
     When it came to performing she had an amazing first experience.  Her dad was running for Congress and bribed her with Ice Cream to learn and sing the National Anthem. Not only did she get what every kid loves, but an audience member gave her 20 dollars!!! After that, she knew that singing was going to be her future.  Just kidding, she did it because she loves music and loves the feeling it gives her and her audience.  
      Jazz and Jam Bands are the biggest influences that you can hear in her music.  Her songs are all different, but flow effortlessly with a light and airy vibe.  Her voice not only works well with the melodies she creates, but she helps express the moments and emotions we experience in life.  She wants to let the audience know "We're all a little fucked up. We're all going to be ok. Life is difficult and mysterious but beautiful. We're in this together." 
     Want more of Melody? Check out her song at the top.  Follow her on youtube, get her songs on iTunes, and follow on Instagram @MelodyFederer.
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