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R&B Single Release of "Walk Me Home" by VISSIA

"Walk Me Home" by VISSIA doesn't fit the current love songs that talk about walking home with someone. She comes off with that soulful country blues to sing the lyrics to her song. Since the melody is very light it lets her voice and lyrics shine, which I believe helps the audience connect to her more. The way she puts different emphasis on different parts of the song, you feel that emotion that connects to the lyrics. I like that the message is that she first got strong, found herself, and is able to be her true self. Then VISSIA's like " and there's nothing wrong with being strong, but I don't need to carry it all." Which boy do I get. Sometimes we feel like we don't want to bother others and we feel like we have to do everything ourselves, can't show that we need help. We do need help, everyone needs help, and that's totally okay. Yes a relationship with a special someone feels amazing, but really we can ask anyone for help. At least that's the message that I've received from this song. What are your thoughts? Would love to hear in the comments below!

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