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"Victory" Dance by Kabutey Exclusively on Neitreug Records

Imagine yourself dancing at the club (I know it's a little hard to imagine now a days) and this beat comes on. You start dancing with your feet, moving your hips, pumping your fist to the sky like you won your first race. I guess that's the reason why this song is called "Victory" to get you to subconsciously have a "Victory" Dance. Kabutey created not only a song to play at the club, but the beat he created and the tempo he created also can be used for some hip hop artists. At least snippets of it. For me I can see Tinie Tempah create a whole song to this beat. Also with the use of synthesizer it also gives the song ability to be added to action scenes in movies or TV shows. What will you do when you hear this song? Let me know in the comments below!

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