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Van Tastik's Fantastic Rock Song "Ain't No Man With Money"

Bearing it all with "Ain't No Man With Money" by Van Tastik. He received the inspiration for this song after being in an accident that made him lose his job, but falling into depression it brought him the idea of understanding bad things happen and instead of letting it keep you down, to rally the troop and enjoy life. Another meaning he brought to this song is "the struggle to find one's place in the homogenized mass of the modern world where artists and uniqueness occupy a very fleeting space." Here again Van Tastik decides to use this fuel and make an ode to joy song. If you're wondering why this song might sound similar he does take the influences of bands such as The Black Keys, White Stripes, and Seasick Steve. Dubbing over his already soulful voice, with the addition to heavy guitar and bass, and don't forget that Tamborine that gives off that shake. This is something I would definitely listen to while grinding at the gym or going on a long walk and trying to finish off that final stretch. What situations would you be in when pressing play on this song?

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