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Flying "Under The Radar" by Elodie Rêverie

How Elodie Rêverie's "Under the Radar" starts you would quickly place this under the genre of pop. If you wait it out and listen to the whole song you can feel the jazz element from the pace of how she sings her lyrics. The simplicity in her production lets her voice and the lyrics be in the spotlight throughout the song. Although she sings most of the song within the same vocal range there are moments where she showcases her talent and you're like woah!!! show me more of that please!

I wasn't really sure what the story of this song was. From what I heard, it sounded like a modern day Romeo and Juliet story. Where the forbidden lovers were able to fly "Under the Radar" whenever they decided to be together, but wishing they could be out in the open. Why this situation would happen now a day? Who would know? Anyway, I can see this song get an even higher reach if Elodie made remixes to this song. One remix I can imagine with a rapper in the middle of the song just spit out a verse relating to the message of this song. Which would bring a wow factor and just add a little fun. I can also see this being formed into a dance remix, if she wants to do this herself, that would be awesome, but collaborating with another producer could even go further by getting his/her audience to listen in as well.

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