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The Killer Called "Time" by Conrad Ashton : A Euphonixx Song Review

"Time" sometimes it drags on, sometimes it flies by, and sometimes we waste it. Either way it's something that we live by and there is only a certain amount of it for each and everyone of us. If you listen to the lyrics you can understand that Conrad Ashton is telling you to be yourself. He is saying that all of us follow into the process of trying to fit in to the social construct, a little too much. To let it go and be the really people who we are and making sure we spend our time wisely and happily.

Conrad uses the rock melody of guitar, drums, and base that mimics the styles used in the early 1960s. Like Jay Hawkins he uses the gutter roll screaming effect, but instead of certain moments to use this effect, he uses this throughout his entire song. I think it's too much, I believe that using that effect should be used when you're making a statement or in a chorus that everyone could scream along with you. That's just my opinion, if you have a different opinion I would love to hear it in the comments below! Other than that the melody kept the style to be a pop song and as I explained above the lyrics have something important to them.

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