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Be Your Best on Bad Days with "Therapy" : JORDIE Song Review

Have you ever been anxious, nervous, exhausted, just not on your A game? Have you ever felt bad for your significant other, friend, family, or just about anyone when your having a bad day? If you answered YASSSS to any of the above, this song is for YOU! "Therapy" from rising star JORDIE is what you should turn on when you're in that mood or even take it as a preemptive measure.

JORDIE and Paige (co-writer) went into the writing session unknowing what was going to come out of it. The emotions of anxiety and exhaustion were on their minds and after having their own little "Therapy" session they realized they wanted to be able to tell the ones that they love that it's not their fault while having bad days. To thank them for being patient and giving them a little more insight on what is happening and how they are working on bettering themselves.

"Honest to G-d I wish I was somebody different on my bad days, so you could only feel my love and know your'e not the one that I blame"

What's very unique about this song is that it is just the same guitar chord's for the versus and chorus without much change. The super subtle difference is that during the chorus there's an addition of keyboard, but JORDIE controls the difference with her voice. What a catchy chorus she does indeed!

If you enjoyed this song she has a couple more singles out on Spotify and Apple Music, and much more coming out soon. Watch out for her EP coming out around the summer time for your bonfire playlists.

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