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Be Part of "The Move" : Trapdoor Social Song Review

Rock has always been an outlet to express social concerns and moving people to start taking action. That is exactly what Trapdoor Social is trying to achieve with their single "The Move." They knew that if they wanted others to start taking action they have to be the ones to initiate it. The band themselves started producing shows that would fund raise for non-profits. Yes money helps, but the real outcomes is when you make "The Move" and take action!

"We come from under like thunder / yeah we're coming

Please don't be alarmed if we take over

We don't need your money / so get off of it

We'll just keep on running / til we're all the way"

What's really fun about this song it has this really funky beat to go along with the rock element of guitar and drum solos. The lead singer Skylar Funk does a great job with vocal play through out the song bringing the energy from low octaves to higher octaves to the rocker belt. This is a great song for motivation when you want to do something amazing, and honestly should be on the soundtrack for any positive actions taken throughout society.

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