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Holdup! Have You Heard of The Holdup?

Well at least 500 of you knew who The Holdup (AKA Mike) is, well let's get a little more of you to check this guy out. So due to my page being strongly focused on music, and the Instagram algorithm, The Holdup's advertisement for The Roxy show was on full blast. Thank goodness that it was! I checked out his songs from the album Killing Time, and then I knew I had to see this guy in person.

Other than the unfortunate opening act, I decided to stay. The energy in the room changed drastically and for the better. The Holdup is very smart in his music because most of his songs have catchy choruses that make the hold crowd sing and sway to. If I were to describe his music to you it would be reggae with a dash of punk rock. Interesting combination right?! Not only was Mike performing well but he knew how to make the crowd laugh, agree with him, and have the men, yes MEN, scream for him to take his shirt off.

Crowd favorites from the show last night was Braindead, French Fries, Hassle, actually now thinking about it all of them were crowd favorites. There was not one song that the crowd didn't start screaming in pure joy for. I would say the only advice in the entire show would be having the drummer try to incorporate crowd synchronization such as clapping to the music and maybe speeding up some songs a little bit more to really have the bodies getting down to the music. Overall very enjoyable. For more videos from the concert see below and follow me on instagram @Euphonixx.

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