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They're going to "RISE UP"! - In Paradise

It was such a pleasure to see up and coming band In Paradise at the Sony Pictures Happy Hour last night. They definitely stole the show with their euphonious performance. There were 2 other performances, but the reason why I chose to feature them is because their songs bring meaning to the music! Uplifting your soul while making your feet tap and body sway to the music. I chose to feature their song "The Fighters" because our generation I feel like we are sometimes crushed by seeing quick success of other people on social media, being trolled by anonymous users, and even not being supported by family because they don't understand what we're trying to achieve. In Paradise sings "there's always an ocean to cross, while chasing the sun." which mean's that yes, we will face difficulties when trying to achieve something but remember "don't let anybody take away your spark" because you need to "pick yourself up from the ashes, from the dust to the start." Basically keep fighting, instead of beating yourself up over fall backs, learn from them and become stronger! Become "The Fighters" that In Paradise knows you can be!

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