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Hear the "Sunset Notes" by Alexandre Pachabezian : Song Review

After a long day, don't you just enjoy watching the sunset? Did you know that sunsets have their own theme music? If not, then you definitely haven't heard "Sunset Notes" by Alexandre Pachabezian. While listening to this beautiful composition I hear the lifeline of the sun during the day. Experiencing the happiness, the sadness, the frustration, but at the end it feels like this piece is saying "You Did It, you got through the day, and yea it might have been tough. Now it's time to reflect and relax." It's not only a song, it's a journey and you won't get bored listening to its entirety. Along with the grand piano you will hear instruments like the cello, viola, and violin guiding the listener to really feel the senses of "Sunset Notes".

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