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Need A "Summersong" To Lift You Up? Halle Abadi Got You Covered.

Corona Virus putting a damper on your summer vibes? Need a way to feel like it's actually summer a time where you're hanging out with friends? Whether it's being at the beach, fun brunch restaurants, vacationing, bonfires, and more "Summersong" by Halle Abadi is the here to help fill that nostalgia even if it is in the safety of your own home. Christopher "C-Ray" Roberts sent this melody to Halle in order to work together and uplift souls of those who are missing their summer.

Christopher and Halle joined up with co-writer Kelly (Evolsi) to embody "summer as a person". They worked together to figure out "how could we physically describe them or what they (summer) do to get us to temporarily fall in love with them again." So, fall in love with them again? Well it's because as much as all of us love the feeling of summer, the freedom that comes along with it, some part of us is craving to go back into the routine. This song was the embodying the constant back and forth feelings we all have with the summer season.

The arrangement of the airy keyboard notes and the twinkle melody of the guitar picks along with Halle's voice places you on the beach just dancing to the music with laser and strobe lights of technicolor all around you.

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