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"Suck It Up and Do Music"-Hunter and Tara Edition

Firstly, I want to say I am so excited, this is my first article about a group! Also up top is a sneak peek into their new song which will be coming out Friday! So go to youtube, subscribe, check them out and stay tuned!

      One thing I can't stress enough about music, is the ability to bring people together.  That is what it did with Hunter and Tara.  They fuel off each other in musical ability.  Both were lucky enough to grow up in families with a musical background.  Tara always knew she wanted to pursue the musical path, but Hunter actually wanted to run away from it.  So what changed his mind?

      Sitting at a Barnes and Noble's cafe complaining to his friend about video production, his friend just couldn't take the whining anymore and went, "Dude, why don't you just suck it up and do music! That's what you really want to be doing anyway."  From there, the rest was history.

      When it came to singing Tara and Hunter were a bit shy at first.  With Tara, her closest friends helped her get out of her shell and more comfortable, for Hunter, his producer had to give him a pep talk and gave him more confidence.  If you subscribe to their Youtube you see that shyness completely disappear.  I am glad it did because they are great together.  Even though they haven't performed together live yet, I am sure when they do the energy will be spreading like wildfire.

     One thing that is really good about bringing two people together, is that there are more ideas.  For example, when writing music Tara taps into a moment in life and writes out every feeling she can remember. With Hunter, he creates a melody in his head and sings whatever emotion gets connected to that sound.  Together they create a story, the words and sounds are available to them so it doesn't become to much of a struggle 

     Not only is music one thing they agree upon, their message to their audience is the same, "You're going to hear a lot of negative voices in your life, but none of them matter. Do what you love simply because you love to do it. Follow your passions, don't just settle because it's easier or because other tell you that you should."

      Thank you Hunter and Tara, can't wait to see your succession.  To those who are reading follow them on youtube and on Instagram as @huntertaramusic.  Remember their song debuts September 15th!!!  Have a blessed week everyone!

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