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Struggling Between "The Beautiful & Damned" : G-Eazy

THE DAMN STRUGGLE.... the struggle between saying what you want through music, the struggle of figuring out how to make a profit, and the struggle of having your art loved.    G-Eazy just released his new album on December 15th, and it really is "The Beautiful and Damned."

      Within the 20 songs you see the struggle within the music business.  You have the artist that beautifully expresses many social issues and then you see the same artist that needs to survive off his music.  This album shows it so clearly.  Just the other day at the club I was dancing to "No Limit", which has great dance beats.  Then the next day, after some horrible news I catch myself feeling the pain of "Love is Gone". Unfortunately, many people tend to forget those hard hitting songs, because they just want to feel good and forget the pain. It is absolutely ridiculous, even though society says they care, they don't, but these artists do and boy do they call society out!  

     If he decided, or if it was his manager, whoever promoted his clubs songs first was genius.  Not going to lie, when it comes to hip-hop what draws in the crowd are the beats.  His producer worked with him perfectly, because he was able to articulate all his songs in a eaZy flow.  It's better with some songs than others though, because there are songs that are just so horrible against women..... AND THOSE ARE THE SONGS THAT EVERYONE DANCES TOO.  Don't know if it's just the gemini in him that he keeps talking about, or if it's the management team.  In songs where his actual artistry shows he is respecting women, and talks about how government and men need to stop harassing women.  Why can't we have more dance songs with respecting women?

     This was his first publicly released album, he did the best that he could do at this phase in his career.  Definitely excited to see what will arise after.  What is really helpful is that he won't have any problems on tour, because his performance energy is high and he is able to control the crowd. Hopefully one day he will share more of his story...WITH ME PLEASE! 

Thank You for listening and stay tuned!  Much Love

To follow him on social media:

Instagram/Twitter: @g_eazy

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