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Stop "Overthinking" and Listen to Cloe Wilder's Single

The song starts with an East Asian melody while Cloe Wilder takes you deep inside her mind,

"I'm sitting here

Observe the atmosphere

I'm not thinkin clear

There's everything to fear "

Bringing you to a point where she explains why she is "Overthinking" everything while Jayme Silverstein takes you into a dream state style melody. Cloe is saying that sometimes there are points in our lives where we just get into these states of really overthinking everything, and it drowns us. We need to realize that it is okay to go out and ask for help! "Somebody help me get out of my head, I'm anxiously waiting for all this to end." She is letting you know it is okay to seek help, it's okay to cry out for help, because in the end someone will help you gain the tools to make you feel better. Having those tools, will help you out of the same struggles. Both Jayme and Cloe do a great job using the melody to tap into the different emotions of "Overthinking".

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