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Make a Move and "Step Out" of the Friend Zone by Crossfire Eagles: A Euphonixx Song Review

Don't want to end up in the friend zone graveyard? Are you in the friend zone and want to "Step Out" of it? Do songs help you gain the courage to take action? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you must listen to the new single by Crossfire Eagles.

Okay, so again, I usually stay out of the way of love songs. I myself am in the dating process and I've been talking to many different people and asking why is there such a big problem finding someone? Hearing people complain both girls and guys that everyone just wants to be friends, but then in the end when people want a relationship it is either too late because they found someone new, or they need to build a friendship with the person they are dating which is a bit harder. I feel like everyone knows that when they go into a relationship they need their person to be their best friend. So why can't we make our best friend our partner for life? That is the question and the solution that Crossfire Eagles portray in their new single "Step Out" , saying enough with this waiting around to see if feeling might develop, but actually taking action to have those feeling start to develop.

Sticking in the lane of rock, this song makes you nod your head back and forth, not only agreeing with the lyrics and message, but with the melody as well. The band decided to keep this more of a lyrically focused song. It doesn't deter the fact that all the instruments used in this song have their hard hitting moments, which keeps this song fun and interesting. The musical style of this song influenced by great bands such as #CatfishandtheBottlemen , #FooFighters, and #TheKillers. So if you not only enjoy these bands, but this message, and the sound go download the song today!

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