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Spontaneous Emotion with Mateo Centeno

A kid with "Mxtive" is rare to find now a days.  So many different opportunities offered, too many distractions, and too many temptations.  17 year old Mateo Centeno knows his "Mxtive" and making the moves to reach his goals. Living to inspire and being the difference Mateo is using the power of HipHop/Rap to open the eyes and hearts of his listeners.

      Starting at 8 years old Mateo started taking classical piano classes, let's just say he didn't gather an appreciation of it until him and his friend formed a band when they were 12.  Once the band was formed, he was interested in teaching himself guitar, ukulele, drums for producing purposes and for the cherry on top he even taught himself how to play the Kazoo...haha.  At Rock 101 Bar in Texas, Mateo went on stage for the first time with his band and had a rocking good time.  That rockstar confidence unfortunately didn't carry over to his very first solo performance.  Even though everyone at his church said he was amazing, he knew he had to work on himself, and that he did!

     He was able to create an album called "Mxtive" which hits all what you're looking for in an album.  Songs that make you dance, songs that make you feel, and songs that are a driving force to create/achieve your goals.  Musicians aren't always in despair, just most of them focus to write about the time they are. What Mateo achieves is to be able to put the enjoyment of life in his music as well.  Anytime he feels something he jots it down or types it up on his iPhone.  He never wants to miss out on inspiration that comes his way.  

     Pulling inspiration from experiences and other genres to putting into his music, you won't be disappointed with what you hear.  Coming out with new content all the time, whether it's a completed track or a snippet of a song cover on instagram, you will be hooked to find out what his next move will be. 

To Follow Him

Apple Music/Spotify: Mateo Centeno

Instagram: MateoCenteno4real

Twitter: MateoCenteno4rl


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