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Sparring With Sounds: The Shadowboxers

Not going to lie, I’m a bit late to the party when it comes to introducing The Shadowboxers. In all honesty, I raved and played their music to anyone who jumped in my car or just wanted to groove to new music. With everything old coming back into style, why can’t music?  Bruno Mars can’t be the only contender bringing back the funk? Well, play that funky music Shadowboxers. 

     “Hot Damn” is one of many singles they will be releasing throughout the year, and with Justin Timberlake backing them up I doubt you’ll hear anything less than phenomenal. Using, mixing, and sparring with different sounds is something that we all are internally craving. What’s awesome about the style they are bringing back is that even though the beat is different than the generic songs playing on the radio, it still makes you get up off your seat and dance. If you’re in the car...don’t be surprised if you catch yourself swerving to the music.

      THIS BAND INCLUDES EVERYONE. Unlike most bands where it has one vocalist and maybe two songwriters, each member of The Shadowboxers have something to offer. From singing, to rapping, songwriting, and creating melodies Adam Hoffman, Matt Lipkins, and Scott Tyler harmoniously create their distinct sound. Yes, of course there is a little influence from JT, but they are their own brand. AND THEIR PERFORMANCE...”HOT DAMN”! I didn’t want to sit down. At every moment, you could see me dancing around as well as everyone else in the crowd. They eased you in by “Build[ing] the Beat” and didn’t release you until the show was over. Let me tell you, the crowd didn’t want it to end and actually made them come back to play one last song. 

      Eagerly waiting for more songs to be released, don’t be discouraged in downloading and drowning yourself in the beat. Go, dance, laugh, and love all that The Shadowboxers have to offer. As always thank you for tuning in. Hope you enjoyed and much love. 

Click on the link below to listen to their song “Hot Damn”

The Shadowboxers: Hot Damn

Instagram/Twitter : @theshadowboxers 

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