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Used to Be "Somebody Else" by EMA

Used to be "Somebody Else" can be referenced to many things. That's why this song by EMA is such genius. Everyone would be able to connect to it! If you're going through a hardship in a relationship, life, or even thoughts about the thoughts on humanity as a whole, this song you would be able to relate to. Not only during the Corona, but I am sure during life as a whole there are moments that just seem dark. We don't know where we are going and we have trouble figuring out what's the next step or what we are supposed to do! This song brings out hope using lyrics such as "They'll tell you that it's history Everything's a mystery Don't hide in your misery We'll find a way out"

As you saw earlier the lyrics are wonderfully written to relay a powerful message and when it comes to melody, producer Christopher Ray Roberts made a very pleasant pop sound. Including acoustic guitar, cello, viola, violin, and yes there are some electronic sounds in the background that would be used in chill house music to give a calming effect. Not only to produce a calming effect all these instruments were used to perk your ears up a bit and keep you engaged. This is only the start for EMA, stay tuned for more powerful songs to release!

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