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Pop Rock Colours in the Street Release Their New Single "Somebody"

Making you realize that you'll always have "Somebody" to relate to. Colours in the Street give you a pop rock song to make you stop looking down on yourself. When it comes to being with someone we tend to hold ourselves back. Either because we've been hurt, we had to hurt someone, and at the end we lose the person we love. Some more than others have a hard time bouncing back and that's who Colours in the Street is talking to. Encouraging to be better than others who pull themselves down and better than what you might be doing to yourselves now. With their catchy chorus and calm choruses they bring that rock element by using base drums, but listening more closely they really control the melody and beat of the song with their vocals. The instruments used in this song were just there to elevate the song a bit, but it wasn't necessary because they controlled the song with harmonizing vocals. There is only one verse that has the electric guitar play chords that gives the melody an airy feel but that's really all there is. It's actually very impressive that they created this pop rock melody with their natural talents.

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