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From Exploring a "Cape Town Daydream" To A "Bend" in the Road the SoCal Hunnies are back!

After making us wait a whole year after their release of "Don't Ever Leave Your Man or Woman" it looks like the SoCal Hunnies to a trip to a "Cape Town Daydream". Reminding to escape the daily routine and hustle, let yourself loose and enjoy the beauty that is around us, even the "reflections of things that are never engaged". When I originally interviewed the SoCal Hunnies they mentioned that they are trying to remind people not to take everything in life too seriously, and it's okay to enjoy life. This song reflects their motto and they did a very good job with it. If you haven't noticed already their style is classic rock, but they add a little bit of psychedelic rock melody to bring you into that daydream state for certain moments. Using both melody and lyrics to bring you that imagery of palm trees, sunshine, and the breeze while walking through the streets.

Slowing it down a little and coasting down the highway SoCal Hunnies are taking you around the "Bend". With a sultry tone the song is pulling a certain someone in close, first acting innocent like they don't know they area to then sweet talking you by picking you up at the airport for a fun time. (If you don't know how much of a nightmare the LAX airport is, someone who is willing to pick you up from there is someone very special haha.) By using simple drum beat, a heavy bass base melody, and the foot pedal for the electric guitar to give you the wah wah effect it sets the sultry funky tone that guitar legends such as Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix used for their songs. Once the character in this song finally locks down that special someone the tone changes to that fun classic rock to make you go all out dancing.

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