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SoCal Hunnies from..... Toronto

A band that has had enough with people living to work, wanting to remind them that the only reason they work, is to live! This shows in the name they chose for themselves, SoCal Hunnies. Nick (Lead Vocals/Drums) , Russell (Guitar/Backing Vocals) , and Dave (Bass/Backing Vocals) are all from Toronto, Ontario. If you don't know geography, that is definitely not Southern California.

Not only their sense of humor sets them apart, but their funk and soul is the source of creativity. They need that "head-nodding backbone" to really feel each new song that they put together. For instance their song "Don't Ever Leave Your Man or Woman", gets your feet tapping and your head bobbing side to side. It is a rock and roll feel, with it's own twist! The lyrics are so catchy that you will be singing it over and over in your head, in the shower, and in your car while their song is playing in your car!

I don't know about where their sense of humor came from, but their musical talents, that came from their families. Russell, like any kid, "borrowed" his dads Gibson Les Paul. Don't be surprised when you walk into their recording session or any concert, you'll see that beauty of a guitar happily in Russell's hands. Like any band, there are individuals that bring their own spice to the team and inspiration is a huge part of it! Luckily, all bands today have a range of previous talents to gain their inspiration from. Their influences you ask? Well there is a SoCal band, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and the not SoCal, Otis Redding (Blues) , Sly and the Family Stone (Groove), and Tom Morello (Rock). With all these great talented influences, it is no surprise the their lead vocalist and drummer Nick is a "melody making machine (not self proclaimed)". You'll realize when you are listening to the song above again and then won't be able to get it out of your head, like I said in the above paragraph!

The SoCal Hunnies really want you to vibe with them, make you feel something, reminisce good feelings. They want you to "enjoy life first" and hopefully their music and shows do that. Can't wait to see what else they come out with!



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