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"Signs" to a Lucid State of Mind by Alith Berndarn : Song Review

Opening up "Signs" by Alith Berndarn, you're instantly taken to a place of serenity. It's like waking up to the sign rise after camping out on the beach or lake. The extended notes of the synths plus the sounds of the birds chirping and the sounds of the ocean moving back and forth.

This song feels and sounds like just enjoying all that there is in life. Even though the main word you hear is Vice which means to be involved in immoral behavior, for me I take it as taking a break from society and to have a good time with the vacation and adventure I am about to go on. With the echoing of words and the distortion of words it takes you to that lucid feeling. With the calming melody of the synth it is just a pleasant song to escape to. There are moments where I think there should have been a longer break between words but other than that I can definitely see this being played in clubs all around the world. Either in its original format or remixed to make it more of a dance remix.

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