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"Hot Damn" The Shadowboxers Killed it at The Hotel Cafe

If you did or did not know The Shadowboxers have/had a residency at The Hotel Cafe. 3 shows in 3 months, and I was just at last nights show June 11th, 2019 and boy were they right about it being a night of funk and soul. To be honest this wasn't the first time I saw The Shadowboxers, but since they last time they got so much better. You could see how much they loved the music they were playing and how much they loved each other by the stage banter. Their residency is a little different then their full blown concerts, because they were playing some of the great covers of previous funk and soul artists, and they played them phenomenally. Scott Tyler, Matt Lipkins, Adam Hoffman, and Carlos Enamorado are such a great team. Even though Adam, Matt, and Scott are more in the spotlight than Carlos, he is a huge part and should be included more when it comes to promotions (just saying). I had so much fun just dancing and grooving that I totally didn't take any videos so any videos you see me post are others content. So I want to thank Mikayla Ragovin who runs @theshadowboxersfanpage and Nicole Haworth @nicole_haworth for the content. Don't forget to check out their next show on July 9th, 2019 which will be different then this past one so even if you went, go again!

The Shadowboxers did mention that they are about to come out with a new album soon. Something new, something that is truelly them and the sound that they want to bring. They left their old label that was under UMG and now they are under Red Music under Sony Music Entertainment. I can't wait to see what they bring and just see them grow as much as possible, because they really are sweet guys.

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Cover pic by Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

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