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Electronic Punk Rock Single "Scott Pilgrim Vs. My Mental Health" by Alex Malave

Starting off with strong autotune into strong punk rock melody Alex Malave gives you "Scott Pilgrim Vs. My Mental Health." If you remember the movie 'Scott Pilgrim' he had to fight against all of the girl's ex boyfriends and every fight scene came with a punk rock song. So what a great name for this type of song! This time instead of fighting for the girl he is saying woahhh this is not good for my mental health this relationship. So I'm just going to walk away from this situation even though I never intended to hurt the girl. Even though I am not one to appreciate autotune, I actually found it very fitting not only for the song but also the whole EP "Everything is Nothing but Nothing is Everything." It just gives something that could be a normal pop punk rock song a little extra flavor. It might not be for everyone and at first you might want to retreat, but this song and EP really deserve a chance because it is special.

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