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Knowing "We'll Figure it Out" with Saxappeal, Jazzist Extraordinaire

You're all stressed out, you don't know what your going to do, where you need to go, and then Saxappeal's "We'll Figure it Out" comes on. You can't help yourself, you listen and just take a deep breath of air and calm down. Starting out with some electro sounds you are not sure where this will go, but then that saxophone starts off and that electro sound turns into a backing beat so help you vibe with the flow. There are some moments in the song if you listen closely you'll hear the whole ensemble get "noisy" but it isn't just noise, it's giving those other instruments to shine as well as give the listener something special to keep them involved in the song. The saxophone was the singer and the whole time it was telling us everything is going to be okay. Relax, go with the flow and "We'll Figure it Out"!

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Extra Song : She's As Beautiful As The Sunrise

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