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"Save Me From Myself" -Karolina; Song Reviw

So this song actually came out in 2013, but I never heard it until today. How? Well thank you to a popular TV show, I stumbled upon it. The scene was when the guy, was really taking a hard look at himself and figuring out how he was putting himself out in the world. This song intrigued me, because this woman (Karolina) is talking about how much of a hard time she is having with herself, her identity, her mistakes and calling out for help. "Can you hear me lord" she screams (sings) over and over again. "Save me from myself" she pleads. This is a great example of how the melody of bass and guitar is the resolution. As much as she is asking and pleading with no resolution in her actual lyrics you can hear the upbeat tempo of the instruments. The way she saved herself is by expressing herself in music and asking for help in g-d, and it worked! Her song is being heard by a mass amount of people through a show, because this song resonated with someone important! Asking for help is never bad, remember that.

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