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Psychedelic Pop With a Latin Twist "Sábado" by La Palma

Embodying the theme of 2020 where we are in a dream state of consciousness La Palma released their new single "Sábado". Taking the Biblical Story of Daniel and putting a twist on it "Sábado" is using that idea of faith and being protected to connect to it the times of today. Yearning for the normality of pre-corona time, being with friends, feeling free. Right now everything seems weird and anxiety is sky rocketing for everyone. Questioning how we are going to live and survive and thrive. If you don't know the story of Daniel and the Lion's Den, basically Daniel believed in G-d and went against the kings rule. He was thrown into the lion's den, but because of faith and trust he was protected and eventually got out. Man we hope we get out of this whole Covid-19 mess, right? Okay now to talk about the music. The melody went along very well with the song. Using that psychedelic sounds plus autotune to give an airy sound worked well with the theme of being in a dream state or a state that is between reality and dreaming. Vocally La Palma does need to be a little more work to be done in smoothing the musicians vocals, but that's just my preference. I love how the lyrics told a story instead of repeating the same thing over again with a different melody for chorus and verses. For this it just went in the flow of a story which was very pleasant and relaxing, What are you longing for? Write in the comment below!

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