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A Jazz and Reggaeton Mash "Love&Honesty" By Ruddy Rodda ft. Madison Hughes

Swaying your hips from side to side and feeling that beat and message of "Love & Honesty" by Ruddy Rodda ft. Madison Hughes. I love how Ruddy fuses sounds of jazz, reggae, and island beats to create a pop dance hit. It a sense it reminds me of the old school songs Rihanna used to put out and Madison Hughes has great talent, she sounds like her but with a twist to be unique. The message is simple "you want my love, be honest. Instead of only saying things take action and put in the work for me." Now I am sure most women here agree with that statement. We're sick of the talk, we want men to show us that we are really the ones and worth it, and heck to be romanced a bit. I am excited to see what this duo has in store for us in the future. Because the way I am dancing alone to this song in my room they have a lot of potential. Would love to see your dance moves to this song. Send me a DM with a clip and your IG handle and I'll make sure to share it!

To Follow Ruddy: Spotify | Instagram | SoundCloud

To Follow Madison: Spotify | YouTube | Instagram | SoundCloud

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