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"Snakes & Lizards" by Rey : Song Review

Starting off with strong vocals, strums of guitar, and drums Rey brings you "Snakes & Lizards" a rock song that you definitely can play while sitting on the beach escaping everyday life. From what I understood from this song it's not about escaping life but, grounding yourself. Instead of being swept away with the speed of how fast everything is moving (yes there is still hustling and bustling going on during COVID-19) to just slow down and reconnect with your roots, with the earth. There is also a little bit of a love element but I did not see that to be the main focus which I really appreciated.

I love that Rey uses the electric guitar to give a bluesy feeling along with the beach melody that plays throughout the entire songs. It gives the song a bit of soul okay not a bit, but a good amount. At the end of "Snakes & Lizards" there is a saxophone solo to finish and send the song off!

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