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Seeing the future "Reflection" of yourself by Samuel Pack : A Euphonixx Song Review

Unlike this baby, you don't want to fight with the person in the mirror. You want to look into the mirror and be pleased with the "Reflection." Samuel Pack released this song in order to inspire others to envision their future, their best self.

Working, deliberating, I'm forging my muse

What is great about this song is that he explains how all of us feel. We feel like we have to achieve our parents goals that they set for us. To some of us it works, but I would say for most people we have our own path that we need to reach. Before we get to that point, we keep failing to reach what our parents want, and we get frustrated, angry, sad, and we get down on ourselves. Then Samuel Pack in his lyrics says, hold up, wait a minute, I have my own future that I envision. That when I look at my reflection I see my best self and not someone else's best self. Heck, that's the route I am going to take!

If you like the dark pop style, then you'll for sure love this song. The way Samuel Pack sings this song definitely coincides with the lyrics and the message of this song. It first starts off with a reserved singing which represents following the path paved by the parents, then he switches to a talking kind of singing which represents the thought of "wait a second, I'm going to take my own path", to the singing with confidence which represents the new path he paves for himself. Throughout the song there is an upper layer of the same melody created by synth which I think could have been removed at some points of the song to give the other layers of melodies more power. Another great thing of this song is that it can definitely be used for remixes which will only increase the popularity of this song.

So go get the power to see the "Reflection" you want to see!

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