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A Song To Heal The World "Refa Na" by Yair Levi & Shai Sol

This is a time of a lot of light in a lot of darkness. Hanukkah just finished and Christmas and New Years are on the way, all these holidays have the idea of light surrounding them. Yair Levi and Shai Sol, 2 musicians from the Holy Land released "Refa Na" I cannot necessarily say this is an entirely new song, but an ancient song revived since it came from the great prophet Moses. Asking for the healing of the world all races, all cultures, all ages, and all religions. Thanking those all over who are working endlessly to keep us alive, healthy, and happy. This composition was done beautifully using layers of acoustic guitar and some mandolin to bring that middle eastern flavor to the song. With Yair's stable soothing voice and with the addition of Shai's light and airy vocals this team made a great pair to sing about a song to ask for healing.

To Follow Yair: Website | Spotify | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram

To Follow Shai: Website | Spotify | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram

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