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This Song by Westerly Will Give You a "Reason to Believe" : A Euphonixx Song Review

"Okay everyone, gather around the campfire and let me tell you a story." This is the kind of setting Westerly places you in for their song "Reason to Believe." If you listen closely enough this isn't just a story of a fictional character, but a story of your life.

Okay, it might not exactly be your story but it does relate to someone's life, their struggle, and their questions. With the guitar and vocals of Sterling Spence you'll be soothingly enveloped into the movie that he creates with his lyrics. With how he describes the thought process of the woman such as her creating the thought of how the world is supposed to be. Don't we have those moments when everything feels lonely, lost, just not going your way, you day dream about a new way of life. With the back up vocals of Jessica Lips and the bass of Jeffery Peck it adds a little breath and a little energy not only to the song but to the character as well.

"Close your eyes turn the lights out, You gotta find yourself a reason to believe"

If you like this song that not only sounds good to listen to, but I can definitely see you singing it as well while playing the guitar, you'll like their EP also called Reason to Believe that will be out on May 22nd!

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