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The Comfort of "Ramen" : SWELLS Song Review

Bringing you into a relaxing state of mind SWELLS is taking you into the truer meaning of what "Ramen" does for all of us. Think, when you dig into a bowl of ramen, the smells, the taste, it helps let go of all your worries even if it is just for that moment. Or, ramen could be that treat that you give yourself even after a small accomplishment.

"If we win it now then we'll go on vacation

You can be my Gatsby and I'll be your daisy

It's never too late to go back to the good times

All our bad intentions fade into the limelight"

The chorus above talks about the fact that it is never too late to go back in the sense of never give up trying. For example, when I first moved out to Los Angeles my check got lost in the mail and I had to live off of ramen for the first two weeks of living here because it cost $0.50 and even though it wasn't the fancy ramen, it filled me up and I knew I could get through this hard time. I wish I also had this song to listen to while going through that hard time, well I have it now so I'll always listen to it. (My life is not that sad guys.....). Okay back to the music. Taylor Baker the singer of SWELLS has such a unique and airy voice that it soothes your troubles away and she did something very interesting during the song. She incorporated melodies that you would here in the eastern cultures with the range of her voice. So cool right! Drew handled getting you into the relaxing state through his intricate guitar and production work and then he picks up the tempo to give you that energy to tackle whatever tasks you have to do! Beautiful song hands down and if you want to see them perform more beautiful and fun song see them on tour with Max Frost!

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