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No Need to "Pressure" Yourself : *Repeat Repeat Song Review

With everything being so accessible including the success of others we feel pressured to be this perfect image by a certain time. An example, was right before my birthday I was putting so much "Pressure" on myself because I am not at job that I want, I don't have a companion, and haven't started some projects that I really want to work on. Well *Repeat Repeat is telling you to release that "Pressure" from yourself because you still got time! When you put too much on your plate sometimes and try to be perfect, you actually delay yourself because "the world won't stop when your head is spinning" . When the band hits the chorus of their song, they actually provide the solution.

"I'm under pressure, I lose my mind

Why are we speeding, there's plenty of time

Every direction has come from me

I guess that's just how it's supposed to be."

Then in the next verse it talks about changing perceptions, finding the light, finding those small victories that will pump us up for our bigger ones. In one work GRATITUDE.

*Repeat Repeat has a great pumped up sound, like The Black Keys, but they are focusing on more on making our generation better by being empowering and letting us know that we all deal with the same "Pressure" of society, and we should just enjoy life and remember it's okay!

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