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Poetic Personality with Penny

One thing I love about HipHop/Rap, is when it is done right, it tells a story that can change the way you look at things, forever!  I would say the rap from the 90's is the best because the songs would tell the story of what the artist has been through and seen, and how they decided to look at the brighter side of things to keep on living and to keep striving.

     Introducing Penny, an up and coming artist whose influences of Rock Metal and Hip Hop gave him his own signature sound to create music and share messages.  Some of his songs may be aggressive and some will be poetic, but if you pay enough close attention you can hear his own personal story come through each song.  The best way to learn who Penny really is by listening to "My Story" which is the music video that is at the beginning of this article.  Just remember to come back to reading to learn even more!

     A big part to Penny's direction in music is through his late older brother.  When Penny was 7 his older brother started to record his own music while letting Penny stick around and see what he was doing, as well as introduce him to new music.  A year to two years later Penny decided it was time to write down all his expressions in a poetic manner, then it was in high school where he started to take his expressive poetry into a musical form.  When his big brother passed away he knew he had to continue and hustle hard to continue their dream.

    Everyday he is trying to get better.  Trying to find new ways to catch peoples attention.  Yes, he has turn up songs to get you to recognize who he is, then when he catches your attention he continues to influence you for the better with his musical stories.  One things he is working on is hooks, creating catchier and more "mainstream" hooks, but it isn't even mainstream.  He brings out the Rock Metal influences for his choruses that you can't help but sing and dance along to.

     To reach as many people as possible is not something new that you hear from music artist, but to reach as many people to influence with positive and inspiring messages is something that you don't hear much of.  I am happy I was able to connect with Penny, because the way music has influenced his life for the better, it has influenced mine, and I want to bring music and musicians like him to influence all generations for the better!

Stay tuned because he's coming out with an album at the end of the summer called "Millenial" and has merchandise MSML (Music Saved My Life)

Follow him on....

Instagram: @pennymsml


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